I thought I knew, I thought it's clear, but it wasn't.

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Time ticking, tick tock and it goes.
I know it is acting on me, but I stay true to my belief.
It's just a number game.
I don't fall into the society trap and will hold on to my stand, living in my own pooptown.
Spend more time on things that make you happy.
Hell yeah, that's how you live.


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Why does your heart aches? It's telling you that you have lived hard, enough.

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When was the last time your heart aches?
When was the last time each and every breathing hurts?
When was the last time your tears flow uncontrollably and you feel choke?

Be grateful that you have experienced that before, as it means that you have loved that hard enough.
Be it rational or not, it was you.

Young once, lived once.

I revolve around you, so please stay there for me.

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We fight, we bicker.
At the end of the day, just stay put.
I will find my way to you.
If not, do look for me.
I won't be too far from you.

Let me live like a carefree kid, till my last breath.

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Mind is too full of thoughts and words.
I think I am going to explode.
Everyone has a dark side I suppose? Not all people are kind and good tempered right?
I thought I won't be able to see my dark side ever again, I guess it kind of miss me and so it decided to come and find me.

Humans are so fragile, or maybe I should say it's the relationship that holds two humans.
Lovers can be so into one another at a point of time, but how about when it ends?
The person whom you thought you can live old with, the person whom you thought you loved more than anything else in the world, the person whom you cared so much for, will just end with a perfect stranger.

Or worse, maybe a person whom you hate or hating yourself for being with this person so stupidly before.

My growing up was not exactly very pleasant, but still, here I am.
Not saying that I've been through a lot or suffered like mad, but definitely experienced more than the average goody family kids I guess?

Marriage is just a piece of paper that holds two pathetic souls entangled together.
Then why are people still looking forward to it? I don't get it.
At least that's how I feel since young looking at all the adults around me, suffering from the marriage that they once yearn for.
People from my neighbours whom I always thought was so loving, to my relatives and even my own..

Will I end up turning to the adults whom I grew up seeing?
Or maybe the fairy tales of happily ever after do exist?
But if it exists, it will not be called fairy tales right?


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