A human is so insignificant, nothing will change when you're gone.

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A moment of pain, a moment of tears, it's just that moment.
And everything will be back to the way it used to be, people will get use to it.
Without you.
We build relationships with others, thinking that we hold unique and important places in others.
But afterall, you can only affect that someone that much.
You might think too highly of yourself, humans will only remember that important one that little.
The pain, the tears will eventually stop and at that point of time, you are totally lost in this universe.
You are someone's memories, you are a past tense.
You are that someone who was once important, but without you, life still goes on for others and nothing has changed.
Except your existence. 
That insignificant one.

It's just that much I can accept, that little.

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I love the old, I hope for the new.
I yearn for the new, but I can't let go of the old.
Mesmerize by the old, thinking for the new.

It's not the old or the new, it's now.
Enjoy the very moment now, it's all that matters.

I thought I knew, I thought it's clear, but it wasn't.

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Time ticking, tick tock and it goes.
I know it is acting on me, but I stay true to my belief.
It's just a number game.
I don't fall into the society trap and will hold on to my stand, living in my own pooptown.
Spend more time on things that make you happy.
Hell yeah, that's how you live.


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Why does your heart aches? It's telling you that you have lived hard, enough.

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When was the last time your heart aches?
When was the last time each and every breathing hurts?
When was the last time your tears flow uncontrollably and you feel choke?

Be grateful that you have experienced that before, as it means that you have loved that hard enough.
Be it rational or not, it was you.

Young once, lived once.

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